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Beyond the Snapshot- Digital Photography
Instructor:  Clyde Sweatt

You may have purchased an expensive new digital camera or maybe have been given one as a gift, and are surprised that you’re not taking noticeably “better” pictures with your new equipment. In this class you will learn how to use your camera more effectively and learn skills that will allow you to produce more creative and pleasing pictures. During the course you will take pictures utilizing the new skills you have acquired and discuss with the class your pictures and the techniques that you used to make them.  Bring your camera with you to the first session.

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Picturing Punta Gorda- Advanced Digital Photography
Instructor:  Clyde Sweatt

Picturing Punta Gorda is a series of study/work sessions for intermediate to advanced photgraphers that gives students the opportunity to work in a group creativity photographing some of Punta Gorda's unique charachteristics. Class will meet at various locations in Punta Gorda and assigned to creatively photograph principles and techniques taught in Beyond the Snapshot. You may work individually or collaborate wiht others. Discussion to follow feild work. The end goal of the class will be to create a photo exhibit, "Picturing Punta Gorda", that will grow and change as the class evolves.  

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